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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 23, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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park. the flames have now consumed 105,000 acres, three times the size of san francisco. and containment is just 2%. >> right now, it's just picking up spot fires as we can. and depending if it gets ahead of steam it's probably go lg to burn deeper into the park. >> they are still determined to go. despite their journey here being frustrating. the family didn't know the highway was closed and too late to. >> we returned here and asked if we can stay on the parking lot overnight. and that was okay under that situation. >> camp grounds have been closed since monday when the rim fire raged out of control,
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you can see that vacationers had to evacuate or have been unable to get back to rvs or cars. one camper left a sign that says safe me. firefighters have so far been able to safety camps and looks like drinking water is fine but blue grass festival during labor day has been cancelled. >> air quality and impact on the area was the obvious thing to do. >> now camping in yosemite seems unaffected. it's not as smoky there as reports we've seen the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> thank you, fire rigs and 20 personnel are in yosemite tonight. the state asked the city for assistance fighting the fire. >> so wheel weel check in then
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wait for orders on where to be deployed on the fire to assist where we can. >> now all city firefighters have taken special training to battle wildfire autos smoke from the rim fire is causing air quality problems nile mil as way from fire lines. smoky air ro prompted officials to issue an air quality alert there. this is how it looked last night.$$xr it means it is not haj -- healthy. people with respiratory conditions are being told told to stay indoors and schools cancelled outdoor activities because of the smoke. sandhya? >> i'll show you smochblgt it's dramatic. you'll see here in just a
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moment here in the bay area we're dealing with fog. taking you into the rim fire near fire conditions now 85 degrees and it is warm. winds gusting to about 19 miles per hour. i want to you take a look at radar rush returns here rmt this is why you're seeing returns there. take a look at coverage of the smoke. stretching into nevada here and it's stretching 149 miles into reno. we do have some air quality warnings. we have a dense fog until saturday, 7:00 p.m.
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and check out how smoky it is in that area. if traveling up there this is going to continue in the mornings. i'll be back with local forecasts and let you know about changes in the pattern coming. >> thank you so much. >> the rim fire is moving closer to the hetch hetchy water system. how this could affect our pouer and water supply autos people now being let back into a city building after being evacuated after several dozen people became ill. just after 3:00 that have the noon people started to complain about respiratory problems from a chemical substance.
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officials still trying to figure out what triggered the problem. >> police continue a search for a man who police say sexual assaulted a woman. police say she was walking alone after midnight when a man grabbed her forced her into the bush as tacked her. they released a sketch of the suspect yesterday. this is the sketch right now. >> oakland police in the fbi plan to resume their search for a missing oakland toddler and they're now doubling reward for information about the case. the 22-month-old's father says the child disappeared from his car while he was in a convenience store. nick? >> well 45 days daphne webb's family wanted to know where
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she s today an announcement that they will be conducting a search tomorrow based on new information. they were tight lipped about what that information is but they say they believe it could produce clues to lead them to the missing toddler. >> just after 11:00 a.m. john webb told police his daughter disappeared after he left her in this suv with his elderly mother. webb said he made a quick run in this store for a drink whchl he came out, baby dapnhe was gone. prosecutors declined to file charges and he was released. today, oakland police said john webb remains a person of interest. >> why would you leave your baby with a seen yil grandma in the car? why would someone open a car door with a grown up in it and take the baby out? >> the fbi announced a reward
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for information leading to the whereabouts have been increased to $20,000. >> so if smun knows where she is. >> investigators finalizing plans to search saturday morning and afternoon. police won't say where they'll be looking but did say special equipment will be used for the investigation, they're treating the case as a missing persons case and that of a homicide. >> we want to make sure g is very, very thuro that skt sth key, thoroughness. >> her family started find baby with the hope she will be found alive. >> the 911 call has been released from a deadly domestic violence indisnent hayward from a week ago. a child made that desperate call to police saying her father was armed with a knife and trying to kill her mother.
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>> he's just yelling at her. >> just before 9:30 at night wednesday, august 14th an 11-year-old hayward girl called police to report her parents were fighting over the car keys. their screaming could be heard over the call. >> what kind of knife is it?. >> like one of the long ones. it's silver. >> she said her father had arrested before. the family has criticized police saying that simmons was unarmed and shouldn't have been shot. >> he's going stab my mom. >> he has the knife? >> yes. >> you can see him? >> yeah. >> please hurry police are still investigating and aren't commenting but say this, we released the tape for the public to nfs what was unfolding while officers were responding. police say they had no choice but to shoot simmons. you can hear the gunshots. >> they're going to kick the
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door? n. stay away. >> okay. >> are you in your room now? stay where you are. do what police officers tell you okay? >> a domestic violence counselor says the girl will carry the weight that have night for her life. >> if they give her kindness and love and empathy and say you did the right thing what you saw you did what you thought was the best thing at the time. you're not responsible for what ended up happening. >> the district attorney is conducting an investigation into the officer involved shooting. >> now we're just five day as way from bay bridge closure. the bridge will be shut down so crews can connect the new eastern span. it will start on wednesday, august 2th lasting up to five days over the long labor day holiday. new bridge reopens tuesday, september 3. >> and coming up a way to get
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out this weekend and do your part to green the bay area. >> the way some merchants are banding together to keep customers coming to their charming downtown business district. >> a new low for the arctic what. images reveal about the diminishing ice cap.
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microsoft ceo steve balmer plans to retire in the next year. the company says balmer will stay until a successor is chosen and says microsoft needs a leader helping it move from software company to a devices and services company. he has been with the company 33 years. >> merchants are banding together and at the top of the list is more security. vic lee joins us live now with more on this. vic? >> the city of z.merchants organized what is called community benefits district. property owners voted this summer to provide funding to revitalize the downtown area of shops and restaurants and
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security is on the minds of many merchants here downtown san leandro is a charming center piece. the new funding will dprum assessments. >> it's almost $385,000 a year which will go to the downtown property owners and businesses to help elevenage the work they're doing. >> it will cover a range of services. san leandro borders high crime areas from oakland. there have been violent high profile cases in the past. so just today ples were making an arrest outside safeway. disagreement is what kinld of security.
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larry owns a jewelry store also the interim president of the new district. and wants community ambassadors it could ahertd you. >> he wants more money spend on cleaning maintaining streets. >> stick going help me. >> there is a good reason why he wants most money spent on security. he's been burglarized four times in several years. thieves broke his front glass window he had to replace. >> costs $790. and they stole $20 out of the register. >> where. >> police want merchants to install cameras outside business autos that way if a crime does occur we're able to go back to look at footage.
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ddc says the 10th leading cause of death is suicide. you're going meet a mother who lost a daughter suicide and also, a young man who survived a suicide aattempt and regrets his actions. >> it was very confusing for me growing up mormon and thinking now, i have this son that is gay. how does this fit? what i expected his life to be is now gone. >> our most important value as a church is the family. i was mortified of the idea of being disowned by my parents. >> join me for a discussion here on abc 7 aoo last year ice cap over arctic ocean hit a new low.
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scientists sate strend moving downward. melt rates in line with sustained decline of the arctic ice cover it lost about half of the size since then, scientists say we might see an ice cream free arctic in 30-50 years, nasa moving to study the moon's atmosphere this a picture developed at moffett field. it's a $280 million project gathering information about the moon's environment, and dust. >> here on the ground there will be another round of fogging tonight. both sides will go as far as san jose municipal golf
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course. vector control says it will take several hours to complete. >> for those of you hoping for a warming trend... >> it's summer. >> i know it's summer. and goitsing to get lower into the weekend. >> so a little bit cooler. >> let me show you live doppler 7. talking about conditions. temperatures this afternoon upper 50s around pacifica to 88 degrees in antioch. you can see fog lingering near the coastline here. i want to show you a picture from our camera. you can see
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the marine layer. 64 oakland. low 70s redwood city. san jose. half moon bay, gray skies only 59 degrees. looking west, you can see 76 in santa rosa now. 75 nef vatto 80s for fairfield and concord and livermore, san jose, beautiful view enjoying sunshine and mild weather today. cooler pattern for the weekend up to where we should be at this time of year by next week soits coming the warmth that is. another system is developing. this cold front not going do much for us in terms of bringing us rain. but do look for heavy cloud
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cover and drizzle. then tomorrow morning we'll see sun inland. a lot like last few day that's is going to continue, then, high clouds moving into the picture into sunld sun out, clouds will linger just a little patch. then tomorrow morning temperatures starting out on the cool side. low to upper 50 as cross bay area, you can see how gray it starts out. so watch out for wet roadways. 73 san jose. 77 los gatos. 79 morgan hill.
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beautiful day, 72 wreed city. coast here remaining in the grai. upper 50s so it's going to be cool tomorrow, there. 76 in san rafael. us r 9d in clear lake. 76 hercules. inland spots not hot summer weather but pleasant. sunshine. 82 degrees in concord, 84, antioch. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. we're going a cooler than normal wattern, cooler inland for saturday. only 82 into warmest spots. recovery mid to upper 80s into tuesday through friday.
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this weekend palo alto festival of the arts and go pro. i guess the best suggestion is dress in layers. >> yes. >> spoken like a mother. >> yes. >> thank you. >> from capitol hill to the san francisco zoo. up next a few nu baby that brought congress woman jackie speier to the zoo. )táure google gadget of the
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the los gatos creek needs volunteers to pick up trash left and in and around it that trash includes needles paip jer oil cans and begins tomorrow at 9:00. >> jackie speier pick aid peninsula food bank to meet with constituents to help sort donations the congress woman calling atension to the federal food assistance program. it would be people going through the garbage looking for footd. -- food we're not talking about nice to have.
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we're talking about need to have. >> about 250,000 people get assistance from the food bank working out to one in 10 santa clara and san mateo county residents. >> congressman speier paid a visit to san francisco zoo. there to kick off a naming contest for the 1-month-old she toured construction site for the zoo's new playground set to open in november if you would like to take part we have information on our web site. >> cc8vrb up next, warriors fans share pride. >> a chance to shine with the team.
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north korea and south korea will allow families separated for decades today see each other, again. reyun yinz will begin late next month at a north korean mountain resort. 100 families have been invited to the event marking the latest gesture from the north which this year was threatening missile strikes against seoul and washington. >> coming up at 6:00 getting out of the way of the rim fire what it is like when flames
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start bearing down on your door. >> the bay area other big highway perfect jekt almost ready to go. and see how a doctor's passion for fly fishing launches innovation in bay area medicine. we'll have more coming up at 6:00. >> well, 300 people tried to convince worryers to put them in commercials thchl was a casting call for we are warriors marketing campaign. first 300 who showed up got the ans chance to audition. >> just believe. ♪ [ music ]
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there. the commercials will be taped next month. >> thanks for joining us. this is "world news." tonight, yosemite on fire. monster wildfire now burning its way through the great american park. we're live on the front lines tonight and our cameras just feet from the flames. this view from the sky this evening, the all-out battle to get control. this is summer. hail two feet deep. the snowplows back in action tonight. abc's ginger zee right here with the extreme weather coming this weekend. the great escape. caught on tape, the brazen prison break. tonight what police have just announced in the case. and getting out alive. what happens when those storms drop power lines on the street on your car? how to get out and the experts who say your floor mat could save your life.


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